Risk and Integrity Assessment and Staff Vetting

Our risk and integrity assessment service contributes to restricting counterproductive behaviour in the workplace through our unique focus on both the competency and integrity profile of an individual.

Past actions are excellent indicators of future performance and, as an employer, you need to be fully aware of each applicant’s true history and credentials. Background searches can be extremely helpful in lowering your liability and exposure to losses. With accurate background information in hand, you will be far better equipped to make critical hiring decisions.

RiskWise can address all staff vetting requirements and offer a comprehensive training programme for vetting personnel of various organisations – from any type of small/medium-sized business right up to large corporates.

CV Verification

    • Verification of date of employment, positions held as well as responsibilities
    • Identification of possible embellishments and inconsistencies on a CV
    • Clarification of the reason for resignation

Work reference analysis

    • Clarification of work history within a specific organisation
    • Analysis of performance in all past positions held
    • Determination of competencies needed to be successful in future position
    • Prediction of integrity and ethical behaviour within the work environment
    • Identification of red flags and management concerns
    • Personal interviews Lifestyle analysis School
    •  Tertiary reference analysis

Verification of official documents

      • Criminal record analysis
      • Credit record analysis
      • Business credit enquiries
      • Verification of qualification(s)
      • Verification of driver’s license
      • Directorships
      • Verification of ID numbers
      • Verification of descriptive records (passport, work/residential permit)
      • Deed searches

Psychometric assessments

      • Cognitive and potential assessments
      • Integrity instruments
      • Personality
      • Aptitude assessments