Psychometric and Integrity Testing

As co-distributor of the psychometric products on Integrity International, RiskWise offers the best-breed psychometric and integrity testing products and in-depth assessments for employees, at competitive rates.
The following psychometric testing products are available from RiskWise for your organisation:

Integrity Testing

IP200 (Integrity Profile 200)

IMI (Integrity Measuring Instrument)

BIP (Basic Integrity Profile)

GIP (General Integrity Profile)


High-Level COPAS (Cognitive and Potential Assessment)

Low-Level COPAS


SAP (Security Assessment Profile)

DAP (Driver’s Assessment Profile)


Main PAW (Personality at Work) with specialised reports:

Emotional Intelligence Report

Sales and Marketing Report

Entrepreneurial Report

Leadership Report

Short PAW


CAP (Comprehensive Aptitude Profile)

PEP (Practical English Proficiency Test)

Specialised Instruments

Specialised Instruments

IP Culteg (for Integrity Development purpose)

RAP (Rehabilitation Assessment Profile)

Some products are available in different languages. Detailed descriptions for each of the above tests are available upon request.

Not only are we involved in test distribution, but we provide in-depth assessments at competitive tariffs to our clients. The psychometric tools are utilised for the following purposes:

      • Screening and selection purposes
      • Potential evaluation
      • Career guidance and career development
      • Integrity assessment
      • Specialised assessments for certain industry types