Risk & Integrity Assessment & staff vetting

Through our unique focus on the competency and integrity profile of an individual, we address and restrict counterproductive behaviour in the workplace. RiskWise can address all staff vetting requirements as well as provide a comprehensive training programme for vetting personnel of small, medium and large organisations. Let us take care of your Risk and Integrity Assessment and Staff Vetting.

Customised Security Systems

We provide customised security systems for clients, for both personal and business holdings. Our hand-on research and implementation of the systems ensure maximum safety at an affordable price. We carefully assess your risk management needs and provide customised security systems accordingly. We also offer after-sales services for all the system we install. View our security systems for individuals and businesses.

Training & Development

We help employers internalise values within their organisations to ensure that employees know what behaviour is expected in the workplace and comply with structures in the workplace. Our training and development workshops and programmes empower employees to reach higher levels of integrity and sustained efficiency in their roles within your organisation. View our training and development workshops and programmes.

Riskwise Offers You A Holistic Risk Management Solution

RiskWise empowers your life with a holistic risk management solution to counter your human and physical risks. We provide state-of-the-art security systems and human integrity vetting and testing services in tailor-made packages to suit every business need. We have an in-depth customer understanding enabling us to provide a broad spectrum of industrial psychology and security solutions. Let us take care of your risks so that you have the freedom to focus on your goals.

About Riskwise

RiskWise takes care of all your safety and security needs by delivering the best quality risk management solutions to holistically minimise your risk and maximise your financial rewards.

We look at your risks holistically to minimise risk in your home, at your children’s schools, in your community and in your business and work life. We foster professional, lasting working relations with all parties involved through continuous communication and trusted after-sales service support. values steer what we do and how we conduct business, ensuring you

  • High quality products and services
  • Professional representation
  • Best-practice, state-of-the-art quality products and services
  • Tailor-made solutions to suit your specific needs
  • A foundation built on honesty and integrity
  • Complete peace of mind